Pavel is currently a master’s degree student with Bachelor degree in Applied Mathematics and Informatics (FEFU 2017).

Pavel has an experience in fields such as:

  • Backend Engineering
  • Apps Development
  • Reverse Engineering

Very good experience with following technologies:

  • PHP, Composer, Laravel, etc with knowledge of deep structure.
  • PostgreSQL (other relational DBMS is also not a problem), PostGIS (with deep understanding what is going underneath) etc.

Job Experience:

  • HomeLane (2010). Servers Administrator. XEN, Linux (mainly Debian). Created templates for fast servers expansion. Install and set-up many game servers. Create and modify game plugins (Pawn/SourcePawn and so), web - solutions
  • Vinaes Code (2011 - 2013). Backend Architecture. Developed effective bridge with vBulletin (common users – authentication, authorisation, payments, subscriptions, groups, permissions). API for Desktop Client and so.
  • FEIP (2016 - 2017). Refactoring/Optimisation of Legacy Code, Rewrite parts with Laravel framework. Developing new API. Analysing suspicious activity. Interviewing candidates for programming positions.
  • 7glyphs (2017). Developing of new projects Backend from scratch. API’s. Laravel, Redis (Caching/ Pub/Sub), Queues, Jobs, Broadcasting. File Uploads, Push Notifications, Real Time In App Updates, Users, Permissions, Groups, Dashboard, Complex and Efficient SQL Queries

Had some awards like:

  • Special Nomination at Vladivostok Hackathon #1 (2014), for VLGO app, which actually was an rethink of a event aggregators which tries to collect data automatically from different sources, present new kind of filtrations, grouping and so. Was built on PHP with Composer packages, like a Symfony components or so. There was a web interface and also an Android app, that was pretty PoC.
  • 2nd place at Vladivostok Hackathon #4 (2015), for Foody app, which was something like a Instagram for food but with some intellectual feeds based on ratings and geolocation (and both). Pavel was a team lead at that project, who also had done everything about backend: Rails, some gems, Amazon S3, Amazon AWS, API, PostgreSQL, PostGIS, etc. There also was a Android/iOS apps with pretty ready MVP.
  • Top 10 in one of Kaspersky ZN2015. Pavel had done some crackme’s during it.

Academic works:

  • Coursework. Was an actually a try of some great algorithm of concept known as Map Matching. It was used to process raw GPS buses (Vladivostok) data from obsolete and pretty non-public API and then to build traffic map. That algorithm had given pretty accurate results, comparing with known patterns in traffic and also trying to catch ground truth situation, trying to ride on marked as pretty free road and also when it has a traffic jam. Technologies/Concepts that was used and known deeply: PostgreSQL, PostGIS, osm2pgrouting, OpenStreetMap, Python2, GIS Data Structures, etc.
  • Graduate work. It was a realisation of concept to drive car using Deep Learning. It was pretty simply feeded with image from bumper of car (Asseto Corsa simulator) from record of a’perfect’ drove.

Side projects:

  • iCutty - was a one-shot link cutter with API, that was consumed by other projects like an image gallery. F3 PHP Framework, MySQL. Nothing special, except some link euristics.
  • PG it was some kind of ‘game project’. Pavel had done: Member panel, where customers can watch some info about their account, subscription, generate configs for desktop launcher and some more. Admin panel, where admins could add new in-game modules, associate vBulletin subscription with our system modules, code for package activation, add and edit modules statuses and some more. API for desktop client with some protection and huge business logics. vBulletin integration (Payments, Accounts, Permissions and so).
  • VLGO was a first try at participating on Hackathons. Actually main code base was done at around 4 hours, just because main data source was no more available at last day. Main idea was aggregation of events in one place, with some smart categorisation and different data sources for events. VK Api was used with different workarounds for API bugs and limitations. Pure PHP for speed.
  • OWLIFIER actually was something like telegram public channels (with many ways of accessing audience), but way before they announced them. Symfony modules with some Laravel modules, Redis for PUB/SUB, cheatty LongPoll server realisation on PHP for realtime notifications
  • Game project was an first attempt for developing a game on Hackathon. It was somewhat like 2d - platformer, but with good setting and some cool gameplay possibilties. Was done on Unity with C#. Many things were learned during this project, like you may don’t want to pick Unreal Engine if you are not familiar with it for Hackathon.
  • Foody something like Instagram for food, or better be stated, is actually geolocation and genuine rating based app. That app was developed on one of hackathons. Final backend possibilities was: image upload (Amazon S3), user authentication with mobile code, different food positions feeds (geolocation based, rating based, score based), rating system with up and down votes. Technologies was: Ruby on Rails, Amazon S3, Apipie, Postgres and flavoured with some gems.
  • Counter-Strike Source/GO Projects: External (remote process) Radar Hack (server) that are working in pair with mobile app (Android + iOS) over Network (or Bluetooth), External Hack (ESP, AimBot, Trigger bot, No Spread, No Recoil, No Flash, No Smoke, Sound Radar and so on)
  • Dota 2 Projects: Reversing of Source 2 Engine + Dota code base, some ESP, Creep Auto-Attack, Skill-shots Prediction System and so.